About this Site

A portfolio of solutions.  This is not an academic exercise.  I am not a young man just out of college.  You will not find projects rejected by clients.  Because I feel that design is not as beautiful without the constraints.  So each project listed in this site has constraints – limitations.  And it is these limitations, which may seem like flaws, that make each project something I am proud of.

In this computer age, painters no longer have brush strokes, writers no longer have misspellings, and mathematicians can extrapolate fractals to perfection.  So to appreciate the beauty of something made digitally, the viewer must be told of the limitations of a project.  That is what I attempt to do in the text below each piece.  Without that, there is only shininess without substance, a project no one can afford, art instead of design. I offer solutions.

A Technology Creative

This site is the work of a technology creative.  What is a technology creative?

In this digital world, to label someone as a “developer” or a “designer” or “architect” is not comprehensive enough.  I know many developers that have great business sense, designers who work in pixels and code, and architects that excel at brainstorming sessions. Broader terms like “user experience designer” get closer to the hybrid solution many of us understand, but is often misused, and closes many people’s minds to certain strategies and tactics. So a new term is needed…

The term “creative” is a general term used in some industries to represent those who create work: a website, a design piece, an illustration, a craft. I have often liked being called a “creative” as it seems tailored to someone who may have a wide variety of skills, but can still create concrete deliverables.

Sections of the Site:

The Website Portfolio is the main focus of this site.  Here you will find select solutions created by Christopher Marx for his clients.  The Blog section represents an ongoing showcase of projects that may not be fully-baked into solutions, or the user experience methodology behind larger projects, but all show what Christopher has been working on over time.  The Photography Portfolio represents a side passion – exploring the world of digital photography.  While not technically professional-grade, the composition and choice of subject should illustrate the depth of creativity of Christopher Marx.