This site is the portfolio of Christopher Marx.  A portfolio of solutions.  The work of a technology creative.

There is Much to Explain:

About this Site

In this portfolio, I made an active effort to add a lot of written detail.  This is because I am very good at project management, user experience, and overall strategy, as well as taking projects end-to-end with my own tactical skills. In the details of each project, that skill should become clear.

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About Design Itself

While good art means something different to everyone who sees it, good design means the same to everyone to sees it.  That said, design is also made more beautiful by being more effective. So understanding the background is important. Especially since the best design is so functional that it becomes transparent to the user – invisible in its success.

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About the Designer

I have a hard time bragging about myself.  Ironic, since the field of Marketing is often lumped together with the field of Sales.  As such, this site was very difficult for me to create.  I also have a unique set of skills that some people find hard to understand, but as high-technology enters people’s lives, they are beginning to understand.  Terms like “social networking” or “user experience design” or “usability” are emerging to describe the place where business, tech, marketing, efficiency, and consumerism all meet.  I coin the term “technology creative” to speak most accurately about myself. Click below to read more about my experience and qualifications.

Understand the Person