Thank You HeathWallace!

Thank You HeathWallace!

A Final Update

For the past nearly 4 months, I have been helping a wonderful little office of a larger global interactive agency.

HeathWallace is a part of the large agency conglomerate, WPP Group.  HW is based out of England, with offices in Chicago, IL, Cape Town, South Africa, Hong Kong, China,  and Melbourne, Australia.  HW specializes in financial institutions.  They are strong supporters of a User Experience Design methodology, which I am a big fan of.

It has been a pleasure working with such an intimate yet large company.

About the Company

With the attention of a small agency, but the presence of a large global team, HeathWallace is rather unique.  In the office I was in, we had several international people on the team.  We also were located near other large WPP agencies in the same building.  It was impressive. I was even on calls with people abroad, across the country, and in Canada.  Timezones mean little to a global company like HW.

My Role

I was a project manager for a website redesign for a large financial institution.  Other than that, I cannot say more due to non-disclosure agreements.  While it was sometimes a challenge to get everyone across the globe on a single conference call, it was a fun challenge and a pleasure to help lead.



My contract with HeathWallace went longer than I had anticipated, but I would have loved to spend even longer there. As I have written about before, the team is made entirely of experts that were truly a pleasure to work with.  My contract ended simply because the full-time resources I was filling in for had more capacity.

I will miss the team, the client, the work, and the lovely space in the luxurious Merchandise Mart in the Chicago river north neighborhood.  Heck, a train station was WITHIN the building!

Perhaps some day we will meet again!


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