South American Buffet Opens its Doors

South American Buffet Opens its Doors

I have been working for a couple months on a side project, the website for a new restaurant: South American Buffet in Bolingbrook, IL.

The restaurant is the concept of Clara Pareja and Dr. Efrain Flores.  Together, they bring their love of South American cuisine to the town of Bolingbrook and beyond.  They chose a buffet-style in order to maintain a family-atmosphere that is important to them and their cultures.

The site is now live, but there is still much work to do.  So I will provide images and details at a later date.

South American Buffet Logo


Update: The site is down currently.  The pains of a small business seem to include forgetting to pay the hosting!  I have been in communication with the manager at SAM to help get her site back up and running.