More Work for the Planters Association

More Work for the Planters Association

Once again I find myself helping these wonderful people who beautify the Cottage Grove neighborhood. This is the second set of planters I am helping design the art framing for, and the effort has been increased to step up the quality.

The added effort includes the following things:

  • In this batch of designs, I spent some time finding a unique font for every panel, by the client’s request.
  • The colors of the frame now match the artwork created by the students a bit closer. If you see a color not from within the painting, it is likely a compliment color of the largest element to help make it “jump”
  • Brush strokes in the art were either enchanced to compensate for the inherent problem with scanning art.
  • Kids make mistakes. I tried to correct those where possible. The hardest part is distinguishing between overpainting and muddiness from a mistake and those stray marks that give the piece “character”. Too much polish can be a bad thing.
  • Strengthen the bird sketch from one of the young artists. While a part of the scanning limitation described above, fixing faded pencil sketches is much more challenging than acrylic paint.

The pencil work is by a high-school student.  The acrylic paint is from a grammar school students.  And the frame and page layout work is from me.

Below are the designs.