Children’s Artwork – Cottage Grove Planters Society in 2012

Children’s Artwork – Cottage Grove Planters Society in 2012

For a 3rd and 4th batch, I have helped out the wonderful Leiana Gary with her planters project.

Her wonderful cause has had some trying troubles and wonderful successes over the past season.  One notable success is a grant from Pepsi to help fund the project.  Another notable success is the inclusion of additional sponsors to help maintain the lovely flowers.  And lastly, the planters are even getting press.

Click here to learn more about the Cottage Grove Planters Society

As before, my work is to take the 12″x12″ artwork from the children and make it look great.  This means making it roughly 3x larger, clean up any stray marks, use Photoshop to edit any “over-painting” where the children cannot redo mistakes they made effectively with paint alone.  Then I fit the work to a template we decided upon, match colors to create a background, and add sponsorship information.  In the samples shown, a basic font is used.  In some cases, we experiment with different fonts if time allows.

If you have any means or time, please try to support this great cause.  The children love seeing their art publicly, and the neighborhood seems a bit warmer with these beautiful planters.

Here is some of the wonderful artwork from the batches this season…