Chicago Alumni Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi

I recreated 50 pages of content one-at-a-time when I created the site for the Chicago Alumni Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi co-ed professional fraternity.  Updating an old site can be challenging, especially when the content has decades of history within it.  And you can be sure that the finance and accounting people will audit your success for mistakes!

Project Summary:

There was a lot of planning that went into the creation of such a little site.  The site itself did not take much work.  Sometimes, the real challenge is uncovering the existing processes, convincing the managers you can improve their processes, and keeping the volunteers motivated to help.

Chicago Alumni Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi

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Project Details:

At the Core – Scholarships and Events:

After reviewing what was important to the group, two things came to the top of the list.  One was keeping records of award winners.  The organization sponsored several initiatives to support young professionals in school.  The second thing was events.  The organization hosts professional and community service events to support its members and the community.  So it was obvious what the site needed: event tracking and pictures.  Lots of pictures.

A Site Powered By Other Sites:

Like many things in this generation of the web, information feeds and developer APIs have allowed the web to interlink in ways never thought possible on this site.

For images, I knew there was one major player in the industry in 2010 – Flickr.  So I created an account for them.  In the future, they can create a group where people add pictures to the site through a community, with the site admins only filtering the results of the best to the top.

For events, I had to sit down and talk about processing fees and margins and ticket distributions with the VP of Activities and VP of Finance.  All events this organization threw required a lot of website coding to set up ticketing.  And even then, they admitted there were several mistakes.  Customers had to fill out offline forms after purchase, occasionally had to be reimbursed money, and sometimes did not have an online ticket location at all.  So I spent several hours setting up the CAC with my favorite new company, EventBrite.

EventBrite is an event planning service that offers more features for a smaller margin than most others I have looked at.  We were able to quickly integrate with Facebook, print tickets, offer checkout with multiple payment options, set up early bird tickets, and easily create the entries into their website without hard-coding anything.